Services like GitLab and GitHub Actions for test pipelines and Continuous Integration are great. As someone who has spent years wrestling with Jenkins, moving to these minimalist yaml-syntax, container-based pipelines has been a breath of fresh air. As these platforms are based on top of docker, you can easily make use of ‘typical’ network services such as PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ. However this capability can be used beyond generic network services that support your application, and instead be used to test your application that has been deployed across multiple containers.

Why is this important?

“Well it works on my machine…” is a phrase I…

I recently presented a lightning talk to some colleagues on how to port Python 2 code to Python 3. Writing code that supports Python 3 is now especially important after Python 2 reached its end of support on 01/01/2020. When writing the presentation I was looking for some statistics on how many Python packages now support Python 3, and how many of those have dropped support for Python 2. From scouring the internet I wasn’t able to find anything concrete, so I though I would answer the question for the rest of the world. is the main Python Package…

I have just published to new package to PyPi: robotframework-remoterunner. This lightweight library allows you to execute RobotFramework Test Suites on a remote host. The library itself comes in the form of two command-line scripts:

  • rfagent - A lightweight agent that initialises an XML-RPC server that you launch on the host you wish to execute tests on.
  • rfremoterun - A script that you use to initiate a remote robot execution. It provides a similar interface to, but packages up Test Suites & resources before passing them to the rfagent server to execute the run.

This solution is implemented as…

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